Official ”Bloody Bride” Online Salon Launch!!

2021/03/03 UPDATE

The “Bloody Bride” online salon will open on February 6th (Sat) on the monthly subscription global fan community, “PASSPORT”.
This salon can be used both domestically and internationally as a place where all fans can enjoy interacting with the band members,
discover a new side of the members, check out BRIDEAR’s activities more deeply than ever before, etc.
“PASSPORT” is a members-only community that can be used via its iOS and Android app.
You can choose between a Premium Fan subscriber (JPY 780 / month) or a free subscriber.
If you choose to be a Premium Fan subscriber, you may be able to gain some special benefits, including:
・seeing paid articles such as exclusive video streams and
communicate with the band members by posting comments. ・being the first to receive new information
・participate in salon-only events etc…
If you choose to be a free subscriber, you can still see some free articles, post comments, etc.
Sign up within the app!
Because of the announcement of the opening of the online salon, we

have posted comments from the band members on BRIDEAR’s official YouTube channel, so please check it out as well!!
<About the monthly payment> [For iOS apps]
We accept payments via in-app purchases from an Apple ID account. Please check the PASSPORT iOS app install page for details.
[For Android apps]
We accept payments by credit card.
Please check the PASSPORT Android app install page for details.
* If you cannot register to be a paid member in the app, please register to get a free membership in the app first, then sign in and register to be a paid member on the PASSPORT website. Please check the PASSPORT website for details.